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Song Study 003 || Freight Train

The Frenchman, Ukulele Dav has a tablature worked out for the classic Elizabeth Cotton tune. It fits in with the old country blues that I've been enjoying. It combines alternating thumb base, rolls, simple chords and ornament notes. It's a great song to have memorized.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Song Study 002 || Alternating Thumb Bass (Shake That Thing )

I should say that although I labelled this in honor of Mississippi John Hurt's song that I found in the Alfred - Steven Grossman's "Early Masters of Jazz Blues Guitar: Mississippi John Hurt" and transcribed the two guitar bass strings to "fit" the bari that the shift has changed the song "feel" considerably. So I'll just say it honors the songs techniques and that's what I want.

I originally posted this on Humble Baritonics and there have been quite a few hits and downloads. The primary focus is getting the rhythm of the thumb settled. There are some tricky movements but I have found it to be fun. NOTE: All of the beats (1,2,3,4) are played downward with the thumb. The "ands" or offbeats are played upwards (towards your nose) with a finger pad. And there are "pinches" too!

Here's a guitar version that give a whole nuther feel,